All Hands on Deck

Every member of your organization can play a part in protecting your brand

Written by: Monique Stennis, MBA
Social Media Manager, University of Redlands
AABLI alumna, Class #6

Now that your social media program is running on all cylinders—Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog and YouTube—you have a great opportunity to develop guidelines that establish the social media protocol for agents of your organization (e.g. employees, interns, volunteers and brand ambassadors). These guidelines can help ensure the protection of your brand.

Faculty Office Hours:

Written by: Zachary Gabriel Green, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Professor, and International Social
Justice Consultant
University of San Diego

When we speak of work/life balance, we create the illusion that our work and our lives are somehow separate. What may be more appropriate is to consider how work and life can be better integrated.

Board Basics: Governing Board Personal Brand Skills & Expertise

Written by: Eugene Boykins
Boykins Business Consulting Group

Add the highest value to your board/commission experience: Use the professional skills of your personal brand.

As a certified, proud AABLI cohort member, you’ve gained valuable insights into how you can make significant contributions to your community and to current or future organizations. It’s time to consider a few thoughts on how to better leverage your service.

5 Leadership Skills For Excellence: Nonprofits Are All Business

Written by: Gregory C. Scott
Partner, Executive Coach & Leadership Strategist
InVista Associates, Inc.
The Scott Group
AABLI alumnus, Class #4

The nonprofit business model needs a transformation, and needs to gain an advantage as a strong force in the business world. The label “nonprofit” is the first disadvantage; it implies the organization is not a business at all. Substantial and sustainable revenue is a must for any nonprofit’s survival and a high performing approach is the only way we get there.