AABLI Corporate Directors Initiative

Learn Various Pathways to the Corporate Boardroom

Zoom Webinar, Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Dear AABLI Family and Friends,

We hope you are staying safe and well in these unprecedented times.

This year promises to be our toughest season in memory. The AABLI board and staff are confident, however, that our community will demonstrate a renewed passion for our collective mission: to strengthen nonprofits, public and private organizations through recruiting, preparing and assisting with the placement of African Americans on a broad range of governing boards.

To learn how nonprofits and board members can respond to COVID-19 (coronavirus) and beyond, we recommend watching the NEW AABLI Board Talks videos. Click here to view previously released Board Talks, featuring our esteemed alumni who respond to some of the most common issues facing our community.

Thank you for supporting The African American Board Leadership Institute and its commitment to

strengthening and diversifying leadership in nonprofit, public, and private organizations.

If you would like to mail your donation, please make the check payable to:
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Professionals contribute their unique perspectives, experience and insight to the successful governance of organizations.


AABLI recruits and prepares African Americans for leadership roles on a broad range of governing boards.


We aim to increase active participation of African Americans on governing boards.


Diversity gives institutions the opportunity to be better aligned with the communities they serve, improve decision-making and expand networks of dedicated talent.

AABLI Board Leadership Program

This comprehensive three-day program will provide the foundation and expertise for effective organizational governance.


Public Boards and Commissions are important bodies for impacting communities at the state, regional and local levels.


AABLI-CDI is a leadership development and networking program focused on the preparation of professionals of color for the corporate boardroom.


The African American Board Leadership Institute partners with organizations across the state to provide outstanding professional development opportunities to individuals and nonprofit organizations in the community.

The Value of AABLI

For Individuals

AABLI offers business professionals training, guidance, and opportunities in their pursuit of board leadership.  Alumni and experienced board members can benefit from our continuing education courses, webinars, invitations to guest speakers series, and valuable networking events.

For Organizations

Many boards lack diversity and tend to elect individuals who share the same personal networks. This potentially limits opportunities to reach beyond their boundaries. AABLI helps organizations diversify and find qualified African American candidates to serve on their boards.