The African American Board Leadership Institute partners with organizations across the state to provide outstanding professional development opportunities to individuals and nonprofit organizations in the community. The workshops, forums and events are designed for lifelong learners who wish to share ideas and maintain ongoing membership in the organization.

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Supporting an Organization’s Full Cost Needs

This Workshop Will:
  • Teach how to use the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s (NFF) full cost workbook to calculate and prioritize the full cost needs of your organization
  • Address common challenges nonprofits face when trying to calculate full cost needs
  • Advice on methods for making the full cost calculation process inclusive
  • Provide guidance on ways the full cost workbook can inform communication with internal and external stakeholders, including funders
Participants Will Gain:
  • Practical, detailed knowledge on a process for calculating their organization’s full cost needs
  • Full Cost Workbook (materials will be provided on the day of the workshop)
Who Should Attend:
Nonprofit Leaders, Board Members, and AABLI Alumni
Registration Fee:
General Admission: $49
Alumni & Partner Organizaitons: $39
Workshop Facilitator

Trella Walker is the interim president and CEO of Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), in the Los Angeles office and founder of Trella Walker Consulting. Prior to NFF, Walker spent the majority of her professional career in the nonprofit sector working with impact driven organizations such as the U.S. Military College, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, United States Veterans Initiative, Pierian Springs School, and Health Net. She has served as a board member for Robey Theatre Company and AABLI. Dedicated to supporting leaders, both individually and organizationally, by offering industry insights and individual support; bringing quality analysis, strategic planning, and well analyzed development strategies; and facilitating connections and partnerships. Diversity of education and experience facilitates a well-rounded approach to accomplishing pre-determined goals and outcomes for implementation of fully developed strategies for leaders, projects, and/or organizations.

Walker is a proud AABLI alumna from Class 9, holds a B.A. in English and secondary education from James Madison University, as well as a Juris Doctor degree.

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Part of our Educational Leadership Series is a Commissions forum that will provide professional development opportunities for individuals seeking an appointment to boards and commissions. Seasoned commissioners share information with individuals who are interested in applying for a government commission appointment. This commissions forum was created to support people of color who have a desire to make a positive change in their communities.



Commissions Forum August 2019

Panelists pictured above left:  Steven Temple, AABLI Class 1, Los Angeles County Small Business Commission; Nancy Harris, AABLI Class 5, Los Angeles County Quality and Productivity Commission; Robert Pearman, AABLI Class 5, California State Board of Architects, and Mike Davis, President Pro Tempore, Los Angeles City Board of Public Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these programs are open to the public.