The Board Leadership Programs (BLP) are leadership development courses focused on preparing African American professionals for positions on governing boards. Two courses in the series, BLP 101 and BLP 201 provide the foundation and expertise for effective organizational governance.

New! BLP 101

The AABLI Board Leadership Program 101 is an introduction to board governance. It is designed for those African American professionals with no   or limited experience serving on a governing board, or those who seek a “refresher” on board governance.  Participants are presented with the foundation of board governance for nonprofit entities.

The one-day program includes a combination of presentation, group discussion and problem-solving. BLP 101 is designed as an introduction to BLP 201.

Course content includes:

  • Overview of Board Governance Opportunities
  • Overview of Nonprofit/Charitable Organizations
  • Introduction to Board Governance
  • Legal and Fiduciary Responsibilities of Board Members
  • Changing Realities for Boards
  • Panel Discussion
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BLP 201

The AABLI Board Leadership Program 201 offers a deep-dive into governance responsibilities. It is designed for those African American professionals who have or currently serve on boards and commissions and who want to better understand and handle the responsibilities of board leadership. Participants will focus on developing understanding of board development, management roles, and strategic issues.

The two-day program includes group discussions, exercises, case studies and problem-solving.  Participants receive toolkits and materials to help increase their effectiveness as organizational leaders.  Workshop modules are led by seasoned academic and governance professionals, who bring practical experience to illustrate the content. BLP 201 is designed as a prerequisite to BLP 301, the Corporate Development Initiative (CDI) an introduction to corporate board governance.

Course content includes:

  • Strategies for Effective Board Leadership
  • Board Governance and Roles
  • Organizational Finance
  • Fundraising and Resource Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Evaluations and Succession Planning
  • Introduction to Corporate Directors Initiative (CDI)

All participants who successfully complete BLP 201 are eligible to receive assistance with placement on a governing board or commission.

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